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TruGreen - Lincoln, AL's Lawn Service Expert

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Lincoln, AL

  • USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 7b
  • Avg. extreme minimum temperature: 5°/10°F
  • Most common grass types: fescue, bermuda, centipedegrass
  • Most common soil type: bama
  • Most common weed type: dandelion
  • Most common lawn pest: green June beetle grubs
  • Most common tree pest: kudzu bugs

TruGreen Pricing for the Lincoln Area

  • TruMaintenanceSM

    Call 205-703-2211

    Protects against a variety of lawn weeds while infusing your lawn with vital nutrients.

  • TruHealthSM

    Call 205-703-2211

    Feeds your lawn with essential nutrients while fighting weeds and invasive insects.

  • TruCompleteSM

    Call 205-703-2211

    Premium lawn care and insect control, including aeration for maxiumum nutrient and water absorption.

  • Tree & Shrub

    Call 205-703-2211

    Protects your valuable landscape trees and shrubs from year-round diseases and pests.

Lincoln, AL is going greener with TruGreen

Call now: 205-703-2211

Lincoln, Alabama, residents, TruGreen offers scientifically tailored lawn care services to homeowners in your area. A local TruGreen PhD-certified expert is available to visit your property for a consultation, and will provide a Healthy Lawn Analysis to fully understand your lawn’s needs. Your Lincoln TruGreen expert is trained in local agronomics and is knowledgeable of how climate and soil conditions in this part of Alabama affect lawn health. They know just how to combat lawn-eating pests such as green June beetle grubs, which are common in this area. And your Lincoln TruGreen expert knows how to keep the native weeds at bay, including dandelion. Call the nearest TruGreen location serving Lincoln, Alabama for more information or to schedule your Healthy Lawn Analysis. Remember that all TruGreen lawn care plans – TruMaintenance, TruHealth and TruComplete – are backed by TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee.

Healthy lawn hints for Lincoln homeowners

Alabama residents living in Lincoln and its surroundings area are located in USDA plant hardiness zone 7b. This area tends to favor grass varieties such as fescue, bermuda, and centipedegrass. The most common soil in this region is bama, although other types may be present. Lawns in Lincoln and surrounding areas also tend to be susceptible to green June beetle grubs, which can devastate your lawn. Trees and shrubs in Lincoln can be affected by kudzu bugs, so proactive tree and shrub care is recommended to avoid costly tree trimming and removal later on. Want to get an expert opinion on how to help your lawn thrive? Your local Lincoln TruGreen experts can be reached at 205-703-2211.

Lincoln, AL’s

trees and shrubs greener!

Your Lincoln TruGreen PhD certified expert is not only knowledgeable of the latest technology and best practices for growing thriving, healthy turf, but also offers healthy tree and shrub care services to homeowners in Lincoln.

Did you know that a thriving landscape has health benefits for you and your neighbors in Lincoln? Lawns, trees and shrubs filter air and water, and increase the amount of oxygen in our environment. They also provide years of beauty and enjoyment, increasing the value of your property as they age. Often, homeowners find that a healthy tree and shrub plan more than pays for itself in enjoyment and added property value. Just ask other happy TruGreen customers in Lincoln.

And as with TruGreen’s lawn service, tree and shrub care is backed by the Healthy Tree & Shrub Guarantee.