5 Reasons to Prune Your Trees

Chances are you will spend a great deal of time and money grooming your lawn and garden, but typically pay little attention to your trees. Trees can be one of the most aesthetically pleasing and useful aspects of your yard.  Even better, for the vast majority of the year, they require very little maintenance.  However, there are a handful of reasons why you may need to give the trees in your yard a little TLC. Small scale pruning can often be done on your own, with the proper technique and tools.  For larger trees and extensive pruning, a professional tree and shrub service should be used for safety reasons.
  1. Health of your tree: Overgrowth and dead branches on a tree can become harmful to the entire tree. Dead branches can take much needed water from the rest of the tree.  These branches are also prey for insects, which can pass along diseases to the tree.

pruning trees

2. Health of the lawn below: As trees grow and expand they may start to create shade over parts of your yard that require ample sunlight, affecting the health of these plants.  Proper pruning can increase the amount of sunlight reaching your grass and plants.

3. Safety: Anytime tree branches start stretching into close proximity of your home, there is a risk involved.  Storms, strong wind or snow can all easily bring down these branches, which can break windows or damage the structure of your home.  Therefore, pruning is incredibly important for the safety of your family and your home.

4. Improve fruit and flowers: As a tree grows, it will obviously increase its production of flowers or fruit.  However, the size and quality will be reduced.  To maintain large, beautiful blooms and healthy fruit from a tree, regular pruning should be considered.

5. Aesthetic preferences: Some homeowners enjoy the look of large, sprawling trees, while others prefer a more manicured, groomed appearance. Pruning can be used to limit tree size or create certain shapes to enhance the look of your home and lawn.

No matter what your reason for pruning your trees may be, it is imperative that you take on this task with the appropriate equipment and technique.  Incorrect pruning can damage a tree, and can be a difficult problem to correct.