More than a Pile of Garbage: Why Composting is Worth the Trouble

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Reduce Your Waste: Most food waste, with the exception of meat and dairy products, can be added to a compost pile.  This means you can limit how much garbage you are sending to the landfill and you’ll feel a little less guilty when you accidentally let that bag of lettuce turn brown.

  1. Free Soil for Potting Plants: Compost soil is incredibly nutrient-rich and is perfect to use when planting flowers.  The best part is, you have it right in your backyard and don’t have to pay for a bag of soil at the store.
  2. Homemade Fertilizer: Most lawns require at least some amount of fertilizer and this can become quite a costly aspect of lawn maintenance.  Compost can work as a very effective fertilizer, saving you money.
  3. Reduce Greenhouse Gases: As waste in landfills decomposes, it produces large quantities of methane, which is harmful to the environment.  By utilizing your waste products to create compost soil, you are reducing your footprint and leading a more sustainable life.
  4. Useful for Landscaping: Compost soil can be used in place of mulch or pine needles around natural areas in your yard.  Not only is this great for creating eco-friendly landscaping, it will also improve the nutrients of the soil in that area.

Check back next week for more on how to start your compost pile.