Winterizer Fertilizer for Your Lawn

The winter season can bring on a great deal of hardships for your lawn, so it’s important to do everything you can to prepare and strengthen it against the weather and precipitation.  One of the most important ways to go about this is by applying a winterizer fertilizer.  We’ve discussed fertilizer makeup on the blog before, but as a refresher, it is comprised of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium.  Different fertilizers have different proportional combinations of these ingredients depending on what the purpose of the fertilizer happens to be.  Most winter fertilizers have a higher Potassium and Phosphorous content than fertilizers used other times of the year.

Unlike other fertilizer, this particular type is not intended for growth as it is to be applied when your lawn is at a dormant stage.  The purpose of winterizer is to strengthen the root system to help the grass store nutrients through the winter in preparation for growth in the spring

.winter fertilizer

As I mentioned, the winterize should be applied once your lawn is dormant or at least nearing that stage.  This will obviously vary significantly depending on where in the country you live, but generally it will fall sometime between October and December. 

Just like any other lawn application, applying winterizer requires some knowledge of this process in order to ensure both your safety and its effectiveness.  Therefore if you are unfamiliar or unsure how to go about spreading it, you can contact a lawn care professional to assist with this process.