Prepare Your Yard for Spring: To-Dos Before Easter

It’s not too early to begin planning your spring gardening routine, particularly if you manage your lawn yourself. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for this time of year – preferably to be completed before Easter – if you want your new spring lawn to flourish.

Now’s the time to fertilize.
Most people assume it’s still too cold and wet to effectively apply fertilizer but late February is actually a perfect time to start getting your plants the nutrients they need. Investing in organic fertilizers is a surefire way to make sure your plants stay healthy throughout the end of winter and a couple of easy sprinkles over the grass itself can fortify root systems in preparation for warmer weather.Topping off plants is good for new growth.
If you’ve got potted plants it may be a good time to scrape off old soil and apply a new layer. Using a trowel, remove about 1” of soil from each pot then replace with new, organic topsoil. The moist winter weather will help the soil’s nutrients permeate the root system of the plants and get them through the last gasps of the season.

Prune overgrowth back.
Evergreens and other heavy-growing year round plants need a good, harsh prune this time of year. Be ruthless with the pruning but be sure to leave one or two buds for new growth, too. The less old, dead growth sucking up much-needed nutrients from the root system the better off your plant will be.

Check your equipment and delegate.
If you find yourself year after year pressed for time when it comes to a lawn care routine you may consider hiring a regular lawn care service. The earlier in the season you call the better options you’ll have when it comes to days and times for treatment and the better off your yard will be. Now’s also a great time to check your equipment (read: lawnmower, rakes, etc.) for rust and wear-and-tear and replace them before prices shoot up with the thermometer.

Don’t forget about your yard when things turn brown. Late winter’s the perfect season to make arrangements for the rest of the year and the better groundwork you lay down now the healthier your yard will be in the long run. Visit a local nursery today or call a lawn care treatment provider today to get suggestions on the right steps to take now to ensure the life of your yard.