Why Hire Someone to Maintain Your Lawn?

With so many homeowners cutting back across the US it’s no surprise some have chosen to forgo lawn maintenance service and take care of their yards themselves. While this setup works for plenty of Weekend Warriors there are a few reasons you should think twice about whether or not you’re doing your yard a disservice. Here are a few thoughts on hiring out your lawn care service.

You’ll Save Tons of Time
The average American spends 65 hours a year on mowing alone. That’s nearly three full days! Considering how much time and effort it takes to fully cultivate a lawn and/or garden it may be worth the money to save the time, particularly if you find yourself short on free time as it is.

It Can Cost Less
Studies estimate homeowners spend hundreds of dollars of year just to keep a healthy lawn. The cost of home lawncare can include fertilizers, watering, pesticides and most expensively the tools themselves. It certain areas, particularly when pricing large, national lawn care companies, it may be cheaper to hire out your lawn care routine than go it yourself.

Homeowners Hurt More than Help
While it’s true many homeowners simply mow, fertilize, and repeat, most don’t know what to do when faced with a pest infestation or invasive grass fungus. In many cases issues like these can be prevented when the signs are caught early, another reason to bring in a professional on a regular basis to check your yard for issues and prevent future problems.

You Can Go All-Organic
With hundreds of yard treatment options available at big box home renovation stores it’s hard to know which product is right for your yard. While only 45% of homeowners admit using harmful pesticides in their gardens and lawns all these chemicals can really add up. Some lawn care companies now offer totally organic treatment options to ensure lawn stay green without hurting Mother Nature.

You’ll Improve Resale Value
Home buyers site outward appearance of a home as one of the 5 most important aspects they consider when buying. With so many other things to keep up with when preparing your home for resale your yard shouldn’t be weighing you down. By hiring out your lawn care routine you’ll have more time to perfect the inside of your house and you can rest assured the outside will be manicured and attractive.

No matter what the reason, many homeowners find lawn maintenance is one household chore they simply don’t want to take on. Understandably so – yards typically have 1-2 times the square footage of the house itself – and maintaining them can be a big job. If you’ve been considering a lawn maintenance service give your local providers a call to find out about service plans in your area.