San Antonio Offering Free Community Lawn Care Seminars

All over the country cities are getting behind home gardeners and community gardens alike – a great trends for the environment and homeowners. From organic gardening tips to free consortiums on proper lawn care, we’ve noticed more and more municipalities offering their citizens information on growing a healthy lawn.

The latest city to jump on the lawn care bandwagon is San Antonio. Home of the Alamo, San Antonio is offering no less than three lawn care seminars in the month of March alone! Two of the seminars are free, both focusing on lawn care basics, and one costs only $10 and provides information on growing a vegetable garden.

Other cities like Denver, Charlotte, and Atlanta have also jumped on board. From free community meetings concerning pesticide use to information available from relocation centers concerning the best lawn care companies in a given area, local city councils are taking it upon themselves to educate the public about proper lawn care. This trend translates to better maintained lawns, more aesthetically pleasing yards for residents and visitors alike, and a greater focus on local, sustainable growing practices.

In San Antonio’s vegetable garden seminar, for example, focus will be put on organic fertilizing methods and home gardeners. This is a great way to get people interested in gardening and possibly spur more community gardens which have been shown to lower crime and poverty rates in a given area. California in particular has had great success with community gardens, from LA to San Francisco. In communities that implement gardening programs, lower homelessness and greater food sources rates are reported, all at no cost to taxpayers.

Austin, Wisconsin, and even Hawaii are experimenting with community gardening and schools in New Orleans have been planting gardens for years. Students grow and harvest the fruits and vegetables grown just outside their classrooms in an effort to highlight the obesity epidemic and improve the quality of school lunches at a hyper-local level.

Community involvement in lawn care is a great idea. Lawn care companies across the US have been volunteering to educate the public on the proper way to care for and maintain healthy lawns, with or without professional help. And with so many organic solutions on the lawn care market many cities are choosing to go “green” when it comes to public spaces, eschewing the use of chemical pesticides.

Check your local newspaper for a listing of lawn care education programs in your area.