All You Need to Know About Spring Fertilization

Fertilization is one of the most commonly misunderstood lawn care projects. Homeowners are usually ill-informed when it comes to when, where, and how to fertilize and it shows! While yards that have been under fertilized can become dry and brittle, over-fertilize yards can become patchy and even soggy in spots. A fall fertilization is a necessity for a healthy lawn but fertilizing in spring is a good way to ensure your yard is green all year long. Here are a few things you should know about spring fertilization:

When to fertilize this spring:

Never rush spring fertilization. Fertilizing too early, particularly after the application of a fall fertilizer, can cause your yard to absorb too many of the nutrients you’re using to help it. Late spring is the perfect time to apply fertilizer; think late May or even early June. Summer heat means plants and grass will start using up their nutrient reserves and fertilizers will help supply what they’re missing. Slow release nitrogen fertilizers are the best bet.

Where to fertilize this spring:

Some gardeners make the mistake of fertilizing only in spots that seem brown or weary – you must always fertilize your entire yard. And don’t forget to add slow-release fertilizers to your gardening soil and potted plants you set to grow this spring – they need the food, too.

How to fertilize this spring:

The easiest way for a home gardener to fertilize is to purchase a wheeled fertilizer spreader at a local hardware store. Simply pour the fertilizer pellets into the machine and wheel it across your yard. If you’re planning on using a liquid fertilizer, attach the bottle to a nozzled hose and evenly spray your entire lawn.

Many people find spring a good time to bring in a lawn care professional to help with maintenance. Form quarterly fertilization treatments to once-weekly cut and weedings, there are a wide variety of plans available from most lawn care companies. If you have questions about your lawn’s overall health or you’re concerned about whether or not you’re fertilizing correctly, contact a lawn care pro in your area to get some advice and a (likely free) consultation.

Spring is the perfect time for gardening, but starting too early or too late can throw off your whole year’s routine. If you have questions about the right moves to make this season, speak to a lawn care professional or a nursery owner near your home.