Curb Appeal is Everything When Selling a Home

Spring is the season for putting your home on the market and cities everywhere are being flooded by new listings. Aside from pristine kitchens and modern bathrooms, buyers are looking for one thing first and foremost when looking at homes: curb appeal. Landscaping is the key to making a good first impression when selling your house, and a professional lawn care company can help you make the right choices for your home and neighborhood. Here are a few suggestions for amping up your home’s curb appeal…

Trim Everything Back
The last thing you want is an overgrown Crepe Myrtle or a few rogue boxwoods blocking the stunning view of your home from the street. Not only will overgrown plants obscure the light coming into your home’s windows, buyers may associate your unwieldy plants with an overall lack of maintenance on your part.

Fix Your Grass
Depending on what part of the country you live in, your grass may or may not be vibrant green when spring rolls around. Bring in a professional to seed and re-sod if necessary and water your yard like crazy. If you’re desperate for greener grass now, look into organic spray painting services that can help you get the color you want.

Add Some Color
A few flowers go a long way in making your home look inviting and seasonally appropriate. Long-lasting flowers like geraniums, mums, and even gladiolas come in all sorts of colors and make a great first impression. They’re low-maintenance, too, but be sure to keep the mulch around your flower beds fresh and neat.

Clear it Out
It’s crucial to be sure your yard always looks clean and neat, so make an effort at least once every other day to clear out any new debris. Of course you’d pick up large limbs after a storm, but think about clearing out fallen leaves, pinecones, and dead flowers so the job won’t get too big to tackle at once. You don’t want potential buyers looking at your yard and thinking about how much work it would require to pick up.

Before you put your house on the market, bring in a qualified Realtor for a price assessment, a lawn care professional to help you with curb appeal, and a pest control pro to treat any existing issues and get you certified for sale. A few steps beforehand could have your house sold sooner than you ever thought possible.