Are You Missing Out on a Crucial Lawn Care Service?

About 25% of all homeowners choose to hire a lawn maintenance company to manage their yard. Tired of weeding, mowing and generally worrying over the state of their grass, these homeowners seek to reclaim their weekends and get the best service available from trained professionals. Many people who already use a lawn care provider (and some who don’t) aren’t aware of the myriad of services many lawn care companies offer to clients.

Let’s take a look beyond mowing and find out what the right lawn care company may be able to do for your yard…

pH Level and Soil Analysis
One of the best predictors of a healthy yard is the level of pH within your soil. Included in some first-time packages, this type of analysis usually doesn’t take long or cost much. Finding out what your yard is working with is the first step in choosing a proper fertilizer.

Aeration isn’t just for golf courses: the average homeowner should be aerating about once a year for the healthiest results. Aeration often goes hand-in-hand with seeding and isn’t difficult. As easy as it is, aeration can be time consuming and back breaking and is easily performed by most lawn care providers.

Lawn Bug Control
If you’ve got bugs in your yard that are taking a bite out of your grass, your lawn care pro may be able to deal with the issue before you contact a pest controller. Depending on the type of bug, certain lawn seeds can be used to helpĀ eradicateĀ the problem.

Disease Control
Everything in your yard, from the bushes to the trees, is vulnerable to disease. Often billed as an extra service, complete disease inspections can help identify problem areas and treat the disease before it spreads.

Dormant Oiling
Trees are particularly vulnerable to insect infestation during the colder months as the bugs seek refuge from the weather. Certain lawn care providers offer an oil treatment that protects trees from bugs when their roots are dormant.

Trunk Injections
Also part of a complete tree management system, trunk injections can extend the life of many tree species. Similar to fertilization treatments for the lawn, tree injections help provide needed nutrients.

Every lawn care provider is different, as is their menu of services. Ask your current provider if you’re missing out on crucial services and don’t assume they’ll tell you about them if you need them. Take your lawn control plan back in your own hands and have the healthiest year ever.