Lawn Tools You Need Before Summer Hits

Most parts of the country are getting hotter, and that warm air means lawns are in full bloom. From flowers to fescue, all parts of your yard need careful maintenance this time of year. Whether you’re a weekend warrior doing your own lawn care or you’ve hired out your lawn maintenance needs to a local professional, here are a few tools you should make sure you’ve got access to before the heat of summer hits.

Adjustable Mower
First you’ll want to decide whether a push mower or a riding lawnmower is best for your yard. If you’ve got a lot of square footage and a relatively flat lawn, a riding mower may be worth the investment. All models aren’t built the same, however, and it’s crucial you find a mower with an adjustable blade. Grass should be at least 2-3″ long in summer as the extra length protects against heat and keeps in moisture, so be sure your mower can measure up.

Oscillating Sprinkler
Many counties have water usage laws that affect when and how often you can water your lawn. Healthy yards needs about 1 inch of water a week, and it’s best if the water is applied over the course of a few hours rather than all at once. An oscillating sprinkler head (and retractable hose) make watering easier.

Cordless Edger
Grass can get unwieldy quickly and a handheld edger makes easy work of sidewalks, flower beds, and play areas. Cordless versions require charging before use but they’re far more portable than versions with electric cords.

Aerating Sandals
You should aerate your lawn about once a year, and spring/summer is the perfect time. You can buy a rolling aerator, hire out the job to a professional, or buy some nifty aeration sandals and walk your yard yourself! Be sure you read up on how to aerate properly before you start poking holes in your yard.

Hose End-Sprayer
From insecticide to flower bed fertilizers, most chemicals are applied easiest with a hose end-sprayer nozzle. Anything you’ll want to apply in bulk and also water down can be filtered through the hose, but check with a lawn care professional in your area before accidentally over-fertilizing. Most lawns only need to be truly fertilized once a year.



If you don’t have the space for lots of large lawn equipment or you’re simply not interested in going to the trouble, call a local lawn maintenance company to find out about the options in your area before summer’s at its peak.