‘Tis the Season to Aerate

Aeration is more than just a recommendation in outdoor care – it’s a must in creating a healthy, thriving lawn. And when it comes to getting the most green for your green, aerating in the early fall or early spring will yield the strongest results. So time is of the essence! Read on for a simple breakdown of aeration know-how.

What is aeration? Aeration is simply a process of circulating air through the soil in your lawn. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, determined  based on the type of soil being treated.

How does aeration work? Even in the healthiest of lawns, thick layers of thatch can form an blocking boundary between your prided lawn and the nutrient rich soil underneath. Thatch is a coarse layer of dead and living blades and roots nestled between the top of your lawn and the soil. Although thatch development is a natural part of lawn growth, aerating through thatch is key in optimizing the health and presentation of your grass.

Which method of aeration is right for my lawn? There are two commonly used ways to aerate a lawn: spiked aeration and core aeration.

Spiked aeration involves executing patterned punctures throughout your lawn using a spiked or bladed tool. These tools may be manual or automatic. This method is best for sandy soils.

Core aeration involves removing cores of soil and thatch from your lawn so as to expose compacted and depleted soil to fresh air, clear access to water, and much needed nutrients. This method is more involved, but in most cases yields more substantial results.

How do I decide which lawn aeration service to use? Because aeration can make such a big difference in the appearance and health of your grass, choosing a fitting professional lawn aeration service is important – and a bit daunting. Here are a few things to look for when shopping around:

  1. Lawn care is a science. Look for aeration professionals who have been certified and extensively trained through their agency.
  2. Guarantees, guarantees! One perk of handing it over to the pros is the promise of satisfaction. Seek out a lawn care service that puts its money where its mouth is.
  3. Get the most green for your green. Look for lawn aeration services that come standard with an annual lawn care package.