Make a big impression with lawn edging in your yard

Lawn edging is a simple way to make a big impression with your lawn. Edging adds clean lines to your yard which showcase flowers or other ornamentals and make everything appear neat and tidy. This process was once only used by top-level landscapers, but now it can be easily achieved by homeowners who are looking to up the ante with their lawn.

Why choose edging?

An edger isn’t hard to use, and the effect it has on your lawn is certainly worth the work. This tool is a great way to make your lawn appear to have been styled by a professional landscaper. If you’re wondering how to achieve some of the styles of edging you’ve seen, take a trip to the hardware store. There you’ll find an assortment of edging tools and materials, and can take a look at the options available that will help you get a better idea of the cost and time required. Talk with an associate at the store about the most popular choices, as well as the additional tools required for each type of material.

Using an Edger

There are a couple of different types of edgers, and both are easy to use. One is a combination trimmer-edger, with a shaft that usually rotates 180 degrees depending on which function you’re using the device for. The other is a dedicated edger which does not rotate. These devices uses wire, plastic, or even metal teeth to cut grass or other plant matter that is hanging over the edge of your lawn. SImply hold the edger steady–most come with a guard or even a wheel to help hold it steady and guide the edger in a straight light–and slowly walk along the edge of the lawn. Edgers can occasionally kick up stones or sticks, so be sure to wear proper clothing to protect your feet, legs, and eyes while operating one.

Mowing strips

Mowing strips are one of the most practical edging practices. This is a paved strip between the edge of your lawn and the beginning of your flowerbed. Ideally this strip is ground level, this way you can rest one wheel of your mower on this surface. If you choose an elevated surface it can make mowing harder. There are many benefits to mowing strips: they cut down on the chances of plants from your flower bed accidentally getting clipped, and if it’s wide enough it offers a place to kneel while you work on plants. Other benefits of mowing strips include:

  • A reduced chance of grass spreading from your lawn into flower beds

  • Eliminates the need to use a weed trimmer along the edge of your lawn

  • Drastically increases ease and speed when mowing

Plastic edging

For the benefits of edging without a high price tag or labor-intensive installation, consider some of the plastic edging products that are available. These guards are a very easy way to keep mulch inside of your flower bed, and installation is as easy as tapping the frame into the soil with a hammer. You can buy plastic edging that matches the color of mulch in your garden if you’d like to keep mulch from spreading but do not like the way that edging looks.

Plastic edging can also be an affordable way to build the foundation for a lawn makeover. Simply apply plastic edging as directed along your flower bed, then line the front with bricks or decorative rocks. The edging will keep your mulch in place and the stones add some aesthetic appeal. This method is one of the quickest and cheapest ways that you can change the look of your lawn as well as increase practicality.

Professional edging services

If you’re looking for an advanced edging look that you think may be outside of your skillset, consider calling a couple of professional landscapers in your area. Most landscapes will offer a free quote for your lawn, so have them come by and show them the styles and techniques that interest you. The cost will vary from one landscaper to another, so make sure to find out what the cost you’re quoted includes.

Some landscapers design your lawn and then only come back if you call them, while others offer frequent follow-up visits or full irrigation and mowing services. These all-inclusive packages can get expensive, so look for a provider who offers customizable packages. By selecting a package with customizable options you can avoid paying for tasks that you wouldn’t mind doing yourself.