Best Grass Species for Drought-Prone Areas

Did you know there are over 50,000 miles of grass carpeting the U.S.? These lovely lawns account for an estimated 1/3 of the country’s water usage and some homeowners annually find themselves in a struggle: to water or not to water?

If you live in an area that doesn’t get a ton of consistent rain fall you may wonder if there are any grass species available suitable for your drought-prone yard. Good news! There are more than enough options to keep you lawn green and growing in even the most parched of summers…Continue reading

How Often Should You Water Your Lawn?

The mercury is rising all across the country and homeowners are asking: what’s the right amount of water for my lawn?

Of course, this is a complicated question and doesn’t take into account the thousands of variations between home grass: the species of grass, the climate in the area, and even the amount of shade and sun the lawn gets. There are several factors to consider when watering your lawn but one thing’s for certain. This time of year it’s imperative to have a plan – forgetting to water your lawn just once or twice can spell disaster for your grass.Continue reading

Hydrangeas: Jewel of the Southern Summer

There are few flowers more beautiful, more inviting, than a luscious blooming hydrangea bush. Hydrangeas are native to Asia and there are over 75 species in existence in a wide variety of colors. Most of the species variation can be found in Japan and China although there are over a dozen varieties that grow well here in America.

Hydrangeas can be deciduos or evergreen although most American types bloom in the late spring and early summer, particularly in the Southeast when temperatures rise. There are actually two different flower formations in the hydrangea world: mophead and lacehead.Continue reading

Choosing the Right Lawnmower for Your Yard

Choosing the right lawnmower can be a daunting proposition, particularly if you’re a first time lawn-owner. You should consider several factors before making a decision – your lawnmower is likely to be the most expensive (and most used!) lawn care item in your garage.

Lawnmowers have come a long way in the last 50 years, to homeowners’ delight! Gone are the days when mowing the lawn took hours upon hours. Here are a few tips on choosing exactly the right type of mower for your yard.

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4 Benefits to Going Organic on Your Lawn

Organic products are all the rage, but do they actually work? Just because something’s labelled “organic” you shouldn’t assume it’s the healthiest choice: to truly be considered organic, a product must be made from organic (i.e. natural) raw materials. There are organic materials, organic products, and organic methods…which are right for your lawn?

There are numerous benefits to choosing at-home organic methods for your lawn care, and many lawn care companies now offer totally organic treatment plans for eco-concerned homeowners. Here are four major benefits to choosing organic for your lawn.

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Lawn Tools You Need Before Summer Hits

Most parts of the country are getting hotter, and that warm air means lawns are in full bloom. From flowers to fescue, all parts of your yard need careful maintenance this time of year. Whether you’re a weekend warrior doing your own lawn care or you’ve hired out your lawn maintenance needs to a local professional, here are a few tools you should make sure you’ve got access to before the heat of summer hits.

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What Type of Grass Grows Best in Your Region?

Choosing the right grass for your yard can be a production. It’s important to consider your area’s soil conditions, the weather in your town, and even how much time you’re willing to spend caring for your yard. Whether you’re sodding, seeding, or want to leave it all up to the lawn care pros, here’s a quick primer about what grass types work best in particular regions of the country…Continue reading

Weekly Checklist: Keep Your Grass Healthy

Grass is one of the few lawn plants that need constant care and attention, particularly this time of year when the weather’s warm and the sun beats down. Here’s a handy dandy checklist to follow each week to ensure your yard stays lush and green all the way through the fall…Continue reading

Are You Missing Out on a Crucial Lawn Care Service?

About 25% of all homeowners choose to hire a lawn maintenance company to manage their yard. Tired of weeding, mowing and generally worrying over the state of their grass, these homeowners seek to reclaim their weekends and get the best service available from trained professionals. Many people who already use a lawn care provider (and some who don’t) aren’t aware of the myriad of services many lawn care companies offer to clients.

Let’s take a look beyond mowing and find out what the right lawn care company may be able to do for your yard…Continue reading

Fruits and Veggies to Plant in May

May is the perfect month for the home gardener: it’s warm, humid, and there’s usually plenty of afternoon showers, perfect for growing healthy flowers and produce. Whether you’ve got a tiny herb garden or an orchard, May is the month to put in work that will pay off for months to come.

If you’ve been thinking about growing some produce at home, take a look at the best fruits and vegetables for May planting…Continue reading