April is National Lawn Care Month: 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Lawn

Did you know April was National Lawn Care Month? About 2/3 of all homeowners choose to manage their own lawn care regimens, but Spring is the most popular time to throw in the towel and call a lawn care company. Some weekend warriors actually want their weekends back! Whether you tend your lawn yourself or you’ve hired out your lawn care needs to a local company, these 12 lawn care facts might surprise you…

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Lawn Aeration A to Z

Spring is the perfect time to aerate your lawn! Aeration is a great project for do-it-yourselfers but also available from most lawn care providers for a small fee. Here are a few things to know about aerating your lawn…A to Z!

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Masters Week: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Azaleas

It’s Masters week at Augusta National and the world’s favorite golf tournament is in full swing (pun intended!) Not only are the Masters famed for their green jackets and some of the toughest holes in the game, the course at Augusta is lined with hundreds of gorgeous azalea bushes that reach their peak this time of year

In honor of one of the great national celebrations of professional lawn care, it’s time to honor the oft-forgotten azalea. Sometimes seen as a “filler” plant, well-maintained azaleas can add color and life to all kinds of backyards, particularly those in warmer climates. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about azaleas…Continue reading

Curb Appeal is Everything When Selling a Home

Spring is the season for putting your home on the market and cities everywhere are being flooded by new listings. Aside from pristine kitchens and modern bathrooms, buyers are looking for one thing first and foremost when looking at homes: curb appeal. Landscaping is the key to making a good first impression when selling your house, and a professional lawn care company can help you make the right choices for your home and neighborhood. Here are a few suggestions for amping up your home’s curb appeal…Continue reading

All You Need to Know About Spring Fertilization

Fertilization is one of the most commonly misunderstood lawn care projects. Homeowners are usually ill-informed when it comes to when, where, and how to fertilize and it shows! While yards that have been under fertilized can become dry and brittle, over-fertilize yards can become patchy and even soggy in spots. A fall fertilization is a necessity for a healthy lawn but fertilizing in spring is a good way to ensure your yard is green all year long. Here are a few things you should know about spring fertilization:Continue reading

6 Tips for Laying Sod Properly

It’s that time of year again – homes are going on the market left and right and weekend warriors are getting back outdoors. Sod is a tricky part of any lawn care regimen (and probably best left to a professional) but it can be done at home if you’re looking to save a little money.

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The Cicadas are Coming

Shhhh. Do you hear that? The Cicadas are coming.

The 2013 spring season marks the 17th year of the “17 Year Cicada,” meaning these plague-like bugs will be swarming the skies in the south and northeastern US in the latter part of April or early May. Better known among science communities as Brood II Cicadas, this particular species isn’t harmful to humans or plants but does make a lot of noise.Continue reading

Chesapeake, VA Trees are Breaking Records

Did you know there is a National Register of Big Trees? There is, and the Chesapeake area of Virginia actually has quite a few specimens on the list. Other trees are from the places you’d suspect: Yosemite National Park, New Orleans, Texas. But Virginia’s Laurel Oaks are breaking records for their girth and people are starting to take notice.

Several hundred years ago, people planted trees for far more than aesthetics. Large species offered protection, shade, and wood in some cases, all necessary components of every day life. Today, Virginia’s huge oaks still stand tall in neighborhoods all around the state.Continue reading

Washington DC’s Famed Cherry Trees On the Decline

Washington DC is famous for its rows and rows of cherry trees. They bloom each year in mid- to late-January and people come from far and wide the celebrate…there’s even a Cherry Blossom Festival in their honor! Washington’s most famous living monuments, however, are facing dire straits. They’re aging quickly but lawn maintenance professionals all across the country and figuring out ways to preserve the historic trees.Continue reading