Choosing Bulbs to Plant this Fall

As we enter late summer, it’s time to start thinking about fall planting. Once the temperatures cool down, gardeners will be ready to plant bulbs. For the beginners, bulbs are perennial flowers that will bloom yearly. Bulbs are meant to be planted in the fall, allowing these plants plenty of time to establish a strong root system. Your climate zone and the particular type of flower you plant will determine when these bulbs will bloom. There are endless possibilities when it comes to planting bulbs. It is a relatively easy practice and bulbs can be planted anywhere there is well-draining soil. There is a wide variety of colors and styles of bulbs to choose from and combining different types can really add texture and contrast in your garden. Here are a few popular bulbs to consider.

 Lilies: These garden favorites produce large, beautiful blooms. You can find lilies in many different shapes and sizes. A few varieties include Oriental lilies, trumpet lilies and tiger lilies. These plants prefer large amounts of sunlight, but are otherwise very low maintenance.

 Daffodils: The yellow, six-petaled blooms of daffodils are a lovely addition to any garden. You can also find a few other varieties of daffodils in colors such as white, orange and pink. Daffodils usually bloom in early spring and require a good amount of water.

 Tulips: The very distinct looking tulips are another great option for your yard. These flowers come in many different colors and heights. It is very important that tulip bulbs be planted in a well-drained area and that they aren’t over watered, though they do need some watering to allow for root establishment.

Iris: These flowers have a very thin, delicate flower with an irregular shape. They provide a very natural look to your garden and can fit in nicely in many different landscape styles. Irises also have many different color varieties.

 Hyacinth: If you’re looking for a strong-fragranced flower, the hyacinth is a great option. These flowers produce vertical clusters of blooms. You can find many different color varieties of hyacinth, giving you many options for your garden.