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The TruHealthy Lawn Care Plan℠

Keeping a lawn in top condition requires expert care beyond what most homeowners have time to provide. Applying the correct nutrients, maintaining proper soil pH balance and identifying disease and pest problems are best handled by lawn care experts who specialize in these areas.

TruGreen offers these services to help you create a vibrant, healthy lawn that grows thick and green. Starting with a Healthy Lawn Analysis2, we determine the type of care your lawn needs. Then we'll build a customized service plan to turn your property into the lawn you've always wanted.

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The TruSignature Lawn Care Plan

Tree and shrub care doesn't stop at pruning. These plants need specialized protection to weather the stressful conditions of each season. And as they grow, they need key treatments at each phase to reach their full potential for health and beauty.

The TruGreen® TruSignature Lawn Care Plan begins with a thorough evaluation of your plants' conditions. We follow it with a treatment plan that includes services like fertilization, disease control and horticultural oil application - all custom-tailored to maximize your lawn's strengths and provide special care for its weaknesses.

Incorporate the TruSignature Lawn Care Plan into your lawn services plan and let your trees and shrubs enhance the natural beauty of your lawn.

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  • Disease Control - We'll treat fungi from wet winter ground cover
  • Weed Control - To remove weeds and debris ahead of spring growing season
  • Aerate & Seed - For warm weather grasses
  • Fertilization - For optimal growth, it's best to fertilize in both early and late spring


  • Irrigation - Tip: Time sprinklers for off-peak hours to maximize absorption
  • Tree & Shrub Care - Newly planted trees and shrubs need water 2x a day in the summer
  • Targeted Insect Control - To reduce nuisance pest populations
  • pH and Soil Analysis - End of summer is a good time to test the pH balance of soil.


  • Fertilization - To help grass recover from summer heat and promote future growth
  • Aerate & Seed - For cold weather grasses
  • Fall Dormant Oil - Protects plants from overwintering insects
  • Weed Control - We'll clear fall weeds to keep your lawn healthy during colder months


  • Winter Protection - Prepares the entire plant for winter conditions
  • Root Zone Fertilization - Targeted nutrient injection to protect and strengthen roots during winter frost
  • Healthy Lawn Analysis2 - Get ready for spring by planning ahead for your lawn's needs

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