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Trugreen® Tree and Shrub Care

The Healthy Tree & Shrub Plan

Trees and shrubs need specialized care, too. Protect them with the TruGreen® Healthy Tree & Shrub Plan.

  1. Tree & Shrub Evaluation

    Evaluate. Treat. Repeat.

    Grass may be the first thing people notice about your lawn, but don’t dismiss the integral role trees and shrubs play in making your entire yard look healthy and beautiful. To accurately assess the condition of your trees and shrubs, a TruGreen lawn service specialist will come out for a thorough inspection, making note of each plant’s height, density, color and health. Then we’ll develop a Healthy Tree & Shrub Plan to address your specific needs. We’ll keep tabs on your plants’ progress and adjust when necessary throughout the year.

  2. Fertilization

    Grow ‘em strong all year long

    For the same reason it’s important to fertilize your grass, you’ll also want to nourish your trees and shrubs to keep them healthy and strong throughout the year. We’ll apply TruGreen’s strategic blend of important nutrients at soil level to ensure your plants maintain color and thickness.

  3. Root Zone Fertilization

    Quick relief when it’s needed

    This fertilization technique goes straight to the root at times when quick absorption of key nutrients is critical. This method not only enhances root health, but leads to overall better plant and leaf quality, too.

  4. Disease Control

    Keep them healthy

    Your greenery can fall victim to a wide array of diseases, so getting help from a professional lawn service can protect your trees and shrubs from short-term stress and long-term damage. Your TruGreen lawn care expert will look for signs of disease at routine visits, and will diagnose and treat any suspicious looking areas.

  5. Insect Control

    Stop insect damage

    If you see holes in the leaves of your shrubs, or cracks in the trunks of your trees, you could have an insect problem. TruGreen will help control these pest populations to keep them from damaging the plants in your yard.

  6. Fall Dormant Oil

    Shut out hibernating insects

    This treatment takes insect control one step further by shielding your plants from insects that burrow deep into trunks and roots during cold weather. The specialized oil used by your TruGreen specialist creates a protective coat of armor around your plants and is guaranteed to keep the critters out.

Specialized Services

Add these treatments to your Healthy Tree & Shrub Plan for comprehensive care.

  1. Targeted Trunk Injection

    Just for trees

    Landscaping, growth and environmental changes put pressure on trees, leaving them vulnerable to disease and dangerous insects. But with TruGreen’s targeted trunk injections, stressed trees gain new vitality that enables them to fight off deadly infections. Harmless to trees, trunk injections target only the predatory insects and pathogens that cause disease, leaving the trunk, branches, leaves and roots healthy and strong. The treatment also avoids the topical application of pesticides, keeping the surface area safe for children and pets.

  2. Winter Protection

    Prepare for winter

    When temperatures dip, trees and shrubs can suffer. TruGreen’s Winter Protection protects foliage from harsh weather conditions, roots from dry or cold soil, and the plant itself from hibernating insects.

  3. Trim and Shape

    Get them in shape

    Don’t take pruning for granted. Getting trees and shrubs in shape doesn’t just make them look good, it helps air circulate, allows room for growth and restores their natural form. Let TruGreen help you de-clutter your foliage for a prettier, healthier lawn.

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