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Trugreen® Lawn Care Service

The TruHealthy Lawn Care Plan℠

We call our lawn care services the TruHealthy Lawn Care Plan. Here’s what’s covered:

  1. Healthy Lawn Analysis2

    Get expert analysis

    Since our service plans are fully customized to your lawn’s unique needs, a TruGreen lawn service expert will come out for a close-up view of your lawn, trees, soil and shrubs. We’ll consider such factors as climate and typical weather conditions, soil characteristics, grass type and the activities you enjoy on your lawn. From there, we’ll design a service plan that maximizes the distinctive characteristics of your lawn to keep it bright and beautiful.

  2. Fertilization

    Feed it right

    Give your lawn the food it needs and watch it grow! Supplying your lawn with the proper nutrients can mean the difference between a dry, brown lawn and a lawn your neighbors will envy. TruGreen uses only the best fertilization products for nourishment and health, and our slow-release system ensures your lawn’s nutrient supply never runs low.

  3. Weed Control

    Kill weeds dead

    Those beautiful dandelions you loved as a kid can be a killer for your lawn. At TruGreen, we believe the best weed control strategy is a proactive one. That’s why we apply weed deterrent at regular intervals during the course of your year-round TruHealthy Lawn Care Plan. If weeds do pop up, we’ll follow up with applications to remove them.

  4. Lawn-Feeding Insect Control

    Stop insect damage

    If bugs are taking a bite out of your lawn, they’ll cause irreparable damage before you know it. The first step in controlling insects is to identify them. Your TruGreen specialist will first determine whether you’re dealing with cinch bugs, grubs, billbugs, mole crickets or another insect, and then treat it before they destroy your lawn, trees and bushes. Timing is everything when treating insects, so we’ll apply the proper treatment at the right time of year to head off major bug problems each season.

Specialized Services

Add these treatments to your TruHealthy Lawn Care Plan for an even healthier lawn.

  1. Lawn Aeration and Seeding

    Grow a thicker lawn

    If your lawn is thin and patchy, you could benefit from our lawn aeration and seeding treatment. Aeration opens the soil for better air circulation and nutrient absorption, and seeding replenishes grass that’s been crowded out by compacted soil.

  2. pH and soil analysis

    Strike the right balance

    Balancing your lawn’s acidity and alkalinity levels allows roots to reach important nutrients and will help improve your lawn’s overall health. Your TruGreen specialist can restore your soil’s natural pH balance with a carefully crafted mixture of micronutrients.

  3. Disease Control

    Keep it healthy

    Protecting your lawn against disease is an important, yet often overlooked task of effective lawn care. TruGreen lawn service specialists are trained to spot the early signs of disease in grass, trees and shrubs, and will treat them promptly to keep your lawn in top shape.

  4. Targeted Insect Control

    Summer fun in, summer bugs out

    This targeted insect treatment helps reduce existing populations of warm-weather nuisance pests, such as spiders, ticks and fleas. To ensure you and your family enjoy maximum outdoor comfort, we’ll treat your lawn long before backyard barbecue season begins. It’s just another way TruGreen helps you get the most out of your lawn.

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