How to Green Up Your Lawn, Fast!

There are some occasions that call for a lush, green lawn even when circumstances don’t make it practical. Maybe it’s a special party you are hosting or relatives coming in town. Whatever the reason, we understand the occasional need to green up your lawn really quickly. The practices that allow this rapid green up are not necessarily the healthiest thing for your lawn. Therefore, it’s important to note that this should only be done on rare occasions so you don’t stress your lawn too much.

One of the most effective ways to green up your lawn is with a nitrogen fertilizer application. In any fertilizer, each of the elements have a specific role to play for your lawn. Nitrogen is responsible for greening it up, hence why a nitrogen heavy fertilizer is the way to go in this situation.

Another effective way to green up your lawn is iron. For most homeowners, iron is not part of your typical lawn care regime. Iron is responsible for that dark green, almost blue color of some lawns, particularly Kentucky Blue Grass. When applying iron, it’s important to not over apply or you can turn your lawn grey. Iron can also stain the concrete on your driveway, so careful application is essential to avoid creating a whole other aesthetic issue.

 The final tip, though it is probably the most obvious, is to improve your watering tactics. As we have discussed on the blog before, thorough watering a few times a week are much more effective than short, daily watering. If you aren’t currently practicing efficient watering habits, this will help with your green up plan. Unlike the other two green-up options, correct watering is always good for your lawn. However, too much iron or nitrogen supplements may not only hurt your lawn, they can be harmful to the environment as a result of runoff, so use sparingly.