Choosing the Right Irrigation System

sprinkler systems

There are countless advantages to adding an irrigation system to your yard. It saves you the time of having to manually water your yard and you can ensure much more effective and efficient watering, which in turn leads to water conservation. However, these things can only be achieved if you choose the right system and watering schedule for your lawn. There are many different types and styles of irrigation systems and it’s important to understand the various purposes and functionality before you invest in these products.

There is first the difference in a sprinkler irrigation system and a drip irrigation system. The names of these two pretty well describe themselves. Sprinkler systems project water above ground over your lawn, whereas drip irrigation systems have tubes with small holes that slowly release water to the soil. Drip irrigation is usually more useful in either dry climates where evaporation is a major problem or for shrubbery and plants. Conversely, above ground sprinkler systems are more useful for watering lawn.

 If you choose an above ground system, you again have several choices. If you have a larger lawn you may want to consider rotor sprinklers, which spray long arcs of water that can cover greater distances. This is the type of sprinkler often used in commercial lawns too. Smaller lawns may find that a spray sprinkler will suffice. These sprinklers shoot water laterally either in a full circle, half moon or straight out, covering a smaller area but doing so very efficiently.

Some sprinkler heads remain above ground at all times, but there are also pop up options available. These sprinklers remain below ground until the set time when they are set to turn on, at which time they will raise up, water your lawn, then lower again once the water turns off.

Before you decide on an irrigation system, it’s a good idea to consult your lawn care professional as they can advise you on the best option for your lawn. They can also advise you on your system settings and install it for you.