How to Choose a Lawn Care Company

Choosing a lawn care company can seem like a daunting task. From the teenage boy next door to the multi-national maintenance company there are dozens if not hundreds of providers to weed through. Whether you’re used to doing your yard yourself or you just need to make a switch, here are a few things to consider when weighing one lawn care company against another.

Decide Your Budget:
First and foremost, determine how much you’d like to spend annually on lawn care and shop for rates. Don’t assume the cheapest lawn care company is the best bet – consider the next few items on the list and how they relate to value before you choose based on cost.

Talk to Neighbors:
Drive around your community and find some yard similar to your own. Talk to your neighbors about who they use and if they’ve had positive or negative experiences with any companies in town. Some lawn care companies actually install signs in the yards they treat – keep an eye out for signs in yards you admire.

Ask About Services:
It goes without saying but it’s important to get a detailed list of services provided with each plan your lawn care company offers. Things like fertilizers-per-square foot, annual visits, and approved pesticides should all be discussed at length before you sign on the dotted line.

Get the Scoop on Flexibility:
Some homeowners only need a minimal amount of service – mowing and weeding, for example – and prefer to fertilize themselves. Others want to have the option to cancel a monthly treatment if they feel their yard simply doesn’t need it or perhaps speed up visits when planning a long vacation. Talk to local providers about their flexibility and find out what steps you’ll have to take to change an appointment or the plan itself.

Know the Guarantees:
Many reputable lawn care companies offer simple guarantees so you don’t have to worry about the future of your yard. For example, some guarantee common lawn pests will be eradicated or they’ll continue treating them for free. Others ensure replacement sod if your grass dies through their wrongdoing. You shouldn’t expect the company to hold all responsibility but they should be accountable.

No matter what your lawn care needs it’s important to talk to several providers before signing a long-term contract. While small, local companies may work for some homeowners others may prefer the security and reach of a large national brand. Gather all the information you can in order to make the right lawn care choice for your home.