The 7 Best Apps for Avid Gardeners

Gardening hasn’t changed much in the past hundred years and is enjoyed by people all over the US as a relaxing and low-tech pastime. A new wave of mobile-friendly apps are changing the gardening landscape (pun intended!) and making it simpler than ever before to keep track of what’s going on in your soil. If you’ve been looking for a tool to help rid yourself of that black thumb once and for all, check out this list of the top seven apps for avid gardeners.

7. Garden Tracker ($1.99 for iPhone)

Like most gardening apps, Garden Tracker isn’t free but its nominal cost is easy to justify for a total garden monitor. Garden Tracker tells you when to water, how much to fertilize and even when’s the right time to harvest your bounty. A great tool for taking the guesswork out of gardening.

6. Bugs in the Garden ($.99 for iPhone)
Bugs in the Garden is the perfect tool for people who’re constantly waging war with garden pests. The app can help identify bugs and tell you how to get rid of them or, in some cases, whether or not to leave them be so they can eat more harmful predators.

5. Good Food Seasonal Recipes App ($2.99 for Apple products)
Not so much a gardening app as a recipe provider, Good Food suggests seasonal recipes based on what you’ve got growing at any point in the year. A perfect solution for any gardener who’s ever found themselves drowning in basil.

4. FlowerPedia ($4.99 for iPhone or a free “lite” version)
The perfect app for the casual botanist, FlowerPedia has over 1,500 photos of flowers stored for reference at any time, even without an internet connection. Identify flowers, find out about the different species and even post your own flower photos for the community to rate and discuss.

3. Harvest Landscape Calculator (free for Apple products)
This tool doesn’t do much more than help you calculate the amount of soil and fertilizer to buy for your yard but it’s a great money saver and it’s free!

2. Botany Buddy ($9.99 for Apple products)
This is the best, most complete botany app on the market but the steep price may deter some users. With a stockpile of photos, growing information, and helpful seasonal advice it’s truly the only app most gardeners will ever need.

1. Landscaper’s Companion ($4.99 for Apple products)
Landscaper’s Companion is a handy app for the casual home gardener looking for info on more than just veggies and perennials. It can help you map out your entire lawn and give instructions on growing anything from lettuce to fescue grass.