4 Benefits to Going Organic on Your Lawn

Organic products are all the rage, but do they actually work? Just because something’s labelled “organic” you shouldn’t assume it’s the healthiest choice: to truly be considered organic, a product must be made from organic (i.e. natural) raw materials. There are organic materials, organic products, and organic methods…which are right for your lawn?

There are numerous benefits to choosing at-home organic methods for your lawn care, and many lawn care companies now offer totally organic treatment plans for eco-concerned homeowners. Here are four major benefits to choosing organic for your lawn.

4. Protect the ecology of your soil.

In nature, everything’s connected. If you use organic products on your lawn you can rest-assured you’re not harming the soil’s ecology, that is, the bugs, organisms, and plant matter that live within. Soil that’s free of chemicals and pesticides grows just as well if not better than chemically-treated soil, and you’re doing your part to protect the overall environment.

3. Avoid overfeeding or what’s known as “burning.”

Chemical fertilizers and pest control products, while effective, need to be carefully applied to avoid harming your soil and grass. While professionals can certainly do this process safely, organic lawn treatment provides assurance that your lawn’s only getting what it needs. When you use organic products you know your grass is only going to absorb what it can process

2. Improve root growth and natural plant processes.

Organic products slowly release nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium into the soil, helping your plants learn to naturally process these elements themselves. Slower, more controlled growth leads to stronger root systems and more fibrous plant structure. Grass that “learns” how to process the nutrients it needs is going to be longer-lasting than chemically treated grass.

1. Protect your children and pets.

If your yard is the hub of activity at your house you should seriously consider an organic lawn care routine. Some chemical lawn products can be hazardous if ingested and have been known to contaminate water sources to a degree. While all lawn chemicals have to be continuously safety tested and approved, going with an all-organic lawncare routine ensures you never have to worry about your children’s health. And don’t forget about Spot!


Have you considered an organic lawn care regimen? Talk to a local pest control provider about your options for lawn care and ask what kinds of organic options they have available.