Summer-Heat Loving Plants

Summer’s here and in many parts of the country that means 90+ degree temps and parched, dry soil. If you spend a little time planning and scouting, however, it’s possible to plant your yard full of luscious flora that will bloom right through the summer’s searing heats.

Whether you live in Georgia, Texas, or even California, these heat-loving plants will ensure your yard looks great through the Fall.

Lantana plants are beautiful, come in a myriad of colors, and each plant has hundreds of blooms if planted correctly. Lantanas are extremely resistant to drought and high temps, and they attract butterflies, too. Be careful not to plant in an area where deer are prevalent – they love the taste of Lantana!

These multi-colored flowers resemble Dahlias and Daisies but they’re far better at withstanding even the hottest weather. There’s no need to plant Zinnia early as they’ll thrive just fine when planted once the mercury rises and last all the way through Autumn.

There’s a reason Aloe thrives in the desert. This occasional-flowering plant loves nothing more than hot heat and low humidity, and it’s useful for a variety of purposes. It does well on patios and in deep pots.

These lovely purple blooms are densely-packed and absolutely love hot, hot weather. Another great choice for porches or window boxes, Eustoma are one of the only flowers that can add color to an otherwise parched garden.

This green ivy-like plant won’t green out in summer and it’s highly tolerant of once-daily watering. The only problem with Foamflowers is that they need a decent amount of shade so although they can handle the heat, the sun will kill them every time.

A summer favorite for centuries, the Black Eyed Susan is a cousin of the Sunflower and thrives in hot, dry climates. The plant itself is easy to grow and blooms early on but cutting the flowers can cause a re-bloom later in the season, too.

If you have questions about what kind of heat-tolerant plants may be right for your yard, contact a TruGreen representative in your area. Planting isn’t difficult, it just takes a bit of planning and knowledge and your local TruGreen provider has both.

A healthy summer yard doesn’t have to be wishful thinking. There are plenty of green plants and flowering blooms that work just as well in heat as cool weather.